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360° feedback

a portfolio of off the shelf products for rapid implementation and client bespoke solutions.

360° feedback is an established component of many organisations’ performance management and development strategy. Highly popular with line management, 360° feedback has also demonstrated an impressive track record as a predictor of future leadership effectiveness. But as one authoritative summary of the research found: whilst feedback led to positive improvements in a third of the available studies, in one third, there was no improvement, and remarkably, in another third, performance got worse after feedback!

What’s going on? We work with our clients – through our expertise in feedback design, experience in communication and implementation, and infrastructure to support development – to optimise the gains of a powerful tool to ensure they are within the one third that sees the benefits of leadership change and organisational improvement.

what makes us different?

  • Robust content based on powerful questions about the causes and consequences of leadership effectiveness from the factor analysis of over 50,000 feedback responses.
  • Use of “contra-indicators”: the “stops” of leadership life to highlight the behaviours constraining effectiveness.
  • “Stakeholder design” to target specific question sets on different feedback groups to apply the “who knows what” principle; this minimises overall completion times and produces more focused reports.
  • High impact reports that combine easy to use graphics, linked to our on line resource www.theleadershipdirectory.com to provide managers and professionals with practical tools and techniques, insights and ideas to develop their effectiveness.
  • Speed of customisation around client frameworks and branding. Our innovative technology is fast and flexible to build robust systems with client content, branding and supporting infrastructure.
  • Administrative technology and client responsiveness to accelerate project management time scales and provide ongoing MI reports of activity and outcomes, and analysis of management trends.

360° feedback downloads

360° Feedback Questionnaire Design

360° Feedback Questionnaire Design

Why positive outcomes in 360° feedback need well designed inputs

Thrive - A new perspective in 360° feedback

For leaders who want to thrive

Thrive is our latest application in 360° feedback processes.

From Feedback to Impact

From feedback to impact

The sequence of feedback to insight to priorities to action planning for impact; risks and responses

Optimising 360° feedback: 10 things to do

What are progressive organisations doing to realise the potential gains of 360° feedback for leadership development to drive improvements in organisational performance?