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talent management & succession

The transition from “good to great” requires a shift in leadership priorities and a rethink of succession practices. Yet for many organisations succession management still remains little more than replacement charting, a process going back to the multi-nationals of the 1950s, rather than a business driver for the 21st century. Succession management is looking tired and jaded, an annual round of form filling exercises disappearing into a corporate black hole, disconnected from today’s resourcing realities and pressures. But well designed and implemented succession practices have huge potential to build the kind of resilience that sustains organisational effectiveness over the long run.

what we do

formulating a game plan

If your organisation needs to introduce proactive strategic resourcing or wants to rethink its current approach, our consultancy approach combines organisational analysis, stake holder interviews and facilitated briefings with the in-company project team. The outcome: not another Board paper, but a robust game-plan with coherent priorities and operating guidelines to make talent management a key element in your organisation’s business strategy.

facilitating momentum

If you are looking for greater engagement from key stakeholder groups – senior executives, middle management and “high potential” individuals – we run a series of informal and “formal” events to raise awareness of the impact of strategic resourcing and the practical implications for implementation. The emphasis here is on clarifying roles and responsibilities and creating energy and enthusiasm from the different stakeholder groups.

focusing implementation

If your organisation wants to improve the speed and quality of the information flow and decision making process in strategic resourcing, we support the “nuts and bolts” of implementation. This can involve formulating clear criteria for progression, the design of leadership assessment and audit methodologies, software applications for performance management, career profiling, database management. The outcome: building an infrastructure that improves your organisation’s intelligence about its talent.

practical succession management

'Practical Succession Management'

How refreshing-a book that takes seriously the issues of succession and does exactly what it sets out to do. It takes people issues seriously and contains an excellent blend of research, references and intelligent observation. It is an excellent guide and a comprehensive manual.


talent management & succession downloads

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