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a portfolio of off the shelf products for rapid implementation and client bespoke solutions.

The days of the all-singing-all-dancing staff attitude survey are numbered. Long-winded questionnaires attempting to cover every aspect of organisational activity and taking up valuable employee time result in low response rates, delays and a lack of focus in the report back to drive action planning. We provide a series of focused and streamlined on line surveys for rapid implementation and report back. As well as developing client bespoke systems around targeted themes, we have a series of generic survey solutions for rapid and cost effective implementation.

our approach

  • We keep survey completion times short through the use of powerful questions.
  • We support communication and positioning to build awareness and improve response rates.
  • Quick turn-around of survey analysis and high impact report back.
  • Establishing robust processes for action planning by: the senior team and by business area.
  • We follow up to connect survey outcomes with metrics of business performance.