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Business Challenges

a detailed and comprehensive assessment of business leadership

What is and isn’t registering on the strategic radar screen of your executive team?

What mental models do your executives draw on in formulating your organisation’s business strategy?

What assumptions do they make about the dynamics of business success and failure?

How much of this strategic mind set is shaped by their own personal experiences and preferences and how much by a cool headed appraisal of the issues?


An on line self assessment questionnaire for middle to senior executives that profiles eight distinctive strategic patterns.

A choice of questionnaire formats: short and extended; forced choice and rating; corporate and public sector.

Reporting options: summary profile, interview protocol and extended development planning.


Individual assessments for middle and senior executives, complementing competency based approaches, an analysis of the “business mind-set” and a profile of strategic strengths and gaps.

Executive coaching and preparing nominated successors for a step-up in strategic thinking and business judgement.

Leadership audits to identify the breadth and depth of strategic capability and highlight succession coverage and exposure.

Executive development programmes to explore the impact of personal decision making style on strategic judgement.


A Blueprint for Strategic Leadership, from Booz Allen Hamilton


business challenges downloads

Quick Hit Audit

Quick Hit Audit

A free exercise from our Facilitator's Manual

28 Strategic Conversations

28 Strategic Conversations

Is your organisation having the right conversation at the right time in the right way?

Business Challenges-Overview & Research Highlights

Business Challenges: Overview & Research Highlights

Business Challenges: Overview and Research Highlights