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talent management & succession

How potential got stuck

How potential got stuck

7 questions about potential to rethink talent management

Nuts and Bolts - Succession Management Practicalities

Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts - Succession management practicalities

A Little Less Plotting And A Lot More Conversation Please

A little less plotting & a lot more conversation please

9 Tactics for Talent Reviews with Business Impact

The Lollapalooza Effect & Talent Assessment

The Lollapalooza Effect & Talent Assessment

How the dynamics of Lollapalooza are shaping a shift in talent management.

Polishing the crystal ball

Super Forecasting to overcome 7 challenges in talent assessment.

5 Phases to craft talent management strategy

Designing a distinctive talent management game plan for your business.

Talent management as snakes and ladders

Anti fragile in a world of uncertainty.

The rise, fall and re-emergence of succession planning

"Planning systems would work fine if it weren't for all those darn people" - Henry Mintzberg

What happened to the war for talent exemplars?

What went wrong with best practice and how distinctive talent management shifts the rules of engagement

leadership assessment & development

360° Feedback Questionnaire Design

360° Feedback Questionnaire Design

Why positive outcomes in 360° feedback need well designed inputs

Post Covid 19 The Leadership Challenge

Disappearing, surviving or thriving post Covid-19?

the 5 challenges facing leaders

Personality Testing in Employee Selection

Personality testing in employee selection

Challenges, controversies and future directions

The six drivers of leadership success

The six drivers of leadership success

The six drivers of leadership success

28 Strategic Conversations

28 Strategic Conversations

Is your organisation having the right conversation at the right time in the right way?

At the extreme

At the extreme

Leadership and exceptional success

Thrive - A new perspective in 360° feedback

For leaders who want to thrive

Thrive is our latest application in 360° feedback processes.

From Feedback to Impact

From feedback to impact

The sequence of feedback to insight to priorities to action planning for impact; risks and responses

10 Leadership patterns and why time matters

How attitudes to time shape 10 leadership patterns.


7 principles to speed up leadership development in a tough world

career management

Career Tactics Overview

Career Tactics – Overview

Overview and research highlights.

Talent management as career conversations

Why we need to talk about careers

DISC based personality assessment

History and current status, and the fascinating life of William Marston