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Career Tactics

analysis of the career strategies and tactics which have helped & hindered career success.

Why do talented professionals and managers sometimes fall by the career wayside whilst their less talented or hard working peers get on? Career progression isn’t determined simply by contribution, effectiveness or competency. Career Tactics provides a framework and on line assessment to highlight the tactics of self management, political and organisational influence and stakeholder management, the tactics that accelerate progression.


  • An on line self assessment questionnaire utilising a forced choice format to profile twelve tactical themes.
  • Reporting: detailed analysis with prompts for development and a personalised evaluation of eight career pressure points.


  • High potential programmes to build career maturity in next generation leadership in identifying the dynamics of career progression, success and derailment.
  • Career development planning for key successors to identify potential strengths and shortcomings in operating at more senior levels.
  • Individual coaching and outplacement to identify opportunities and risks and set an agenda for proactive career management.

Career Tactics downloads

Career Tactics Overview

Career Tactics – Overview

Overview and research highlights.