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360° feedback & performance management

Performance management is the fundamental business process. It connects your organisation’s strategic imperatives with priorities for the work area and personal objectives for each employee. That is the theory. The reality is often: vague or conflicting objectives, skewed appraisal ratings, a mismatch between performance outcomes and rewards, and well meaning but unfocused development. We look at the fundamental reasons behind the problems in how organisations manage performance. And we design and implement solutions to engage individuals and line managers in proactive performance management.

what we do

Designing a performance management game plan that reflects the distinctives of your organisational past, current priorities and long-term aims for the future. In performance management there is no one size fits all solution that can be pulled down from the shelf. But there is a set of thinking tools, tactics for implementation and resource material to help make performance management a robust business process within your organisation.

Our 360 feedback processes provide another perspective to shape performance reviews. Drawing on our analysis of over 250,000 feedback responses we have identified the powerful questions reflecting the expectations of different stakeholder groups, up, down and across the organisation, to evaluate “bottom line” impact. Our client bespoke feedback systems are short, simple and streamlined to focus on the key issues that matter to line managers, peers, team members and other stakeholders.

Performance management workshops for line managers. We work with managers to work through the “strategic logic” and the impact their business area has on overall performance. Our workshops also address the “performance spectrum” with the tools and techniques to: recognise and motivate the exceptional performer; stretch and challenge the OK performer; and manage the under-performer who is holding back team contribution. Fundamental to our approach is the concept of the “authentic conversation”, and that performance management is about face to face dialogue, not form filling.

360° feedback downloads

Thrive - A new perspective in 360° feedback

For leaders who want to thrive

Thrive is our latest application in 360° feedback processes.

From Feedback to Impact

From feedback to impact

The sequence of feedback to insight to priorities to action planning for impact; risks and responses

Optimising 360° feedback: 10 things to do

What are progressive organisations doing to realise the potential gains of 360° feedback for leadership development to drive improvements in organisational performance?